Professional Consulting

Quest AdvantEdge’s collective knowledge and experience reaches into almost every facet of operating and marketing an organization; our professional consulting team makes that expertise available to all. The team is spearheaded by Quest AdvantEdge founder Lori A. Gavalier, a degreed Industrial, System Operations Engineer and MBA holder with extensive experience in the industrial, service, retail, and healthcare sectors.

Services that we offer include (but are in no way limited to) developing strategic business and marketing plans, project management, corporate and staff restructuring, and business process reengineering. We approach every project analytically; the process starts by identifying and evaluating your organization’s specific needs for a given project, then developing research-based strategies to meet those needs. We then monitor the execution of those strategies to ensure timely, meaningful results.

If you are not sure precisely what your organization needs to meet its broader goals, we can help. Our team are well-versed in assessing the gaps in and resulting needs of existing business practices. We can help you identify what you need in terms of projects or professional/organizational development without dictating how you should run your business. Quest AdvantEdge professional consultants develop and execute strategic plans, measure the outcomes, and make necessary adjustments to guide those plans toward the desired results—we provide insight and actionable plans for success, not instruction about what your business should or should not be.