Healthcare Billing & Management

Medical Doctors - Specialtists - Behavioral Health - Ambulance & Ambulette Services - DME

When you partner with Quest AdvantEdge for healthcare billing and management services, your practice instantly gains an experienced, professional, fully staffed management department. Your team will be comprised of certified and/or degreed professionals including coders, billers, collection specialists, and insurance experts. Your office and its needs are unique, and we believe that your solutions should be tailored to match.

The team that we put in place for you will implement strategies designed to increase revenue and reduce/eliminate issues that typically arise when billing payors—including rejections/denials. We carefully enter and verify the accuracy of all data to reduce clerical errors and the delays in processing that result from them. That work is double checked for errors by a sophisticated suite of computer software that is integrated into our process. Then, we systematically follow up on rejected/denied claims until a final resolution is reached. In most cases, this results in a dramatic reduction in denied claims and a significantly quicker revenue cycle.

While our professionals will manage and process your paperwork, you will remain in control of your practice’s finances. You will continue to receive charge slips and remittance statements with your payments, which are then forwarded to your billing and management team for processing. We also handle customized reporting to keep you and your managers informed. Our business is simplifying billing and the ever-evolving complexities related to it, not dictating your office’s financial practices.

The professionals at Quest AdvantEdge are also well-versed in billing-adjacent issues like Reimbursement Optimization, Practice Fee Scheduling, Transcription, Setup for New or Existing Practices, Credentialing and Contracting with insurance companies. These processes—especially Credentialing—can be cumbersome and/or labor-intensive. Our experts can handle them all, increasing your bottom line and minimizing time lost to clerical errors.

Ultimately, we believe that healthcare providers should spend their time on patient care, not the hassles inherent to billing. We can help you grow your practice and improve patient experiences by giving you and your staff more time to invest in medicine without ceding control of your finances. Can your practice afford not partnering with Quest AdvantEdge?